Sensitivity to selected pressures

Search the MarESA database of the sensitivity of marine species and habitats by pressure. Use this tool to compare the sensitivity of multiple habitats (biotopes) across one or more pressures.

Select the relevant 'pressure theme' to reveal individual pressures. Select all pressures that apply then chose the level(s) of 'sensitivity' of interest. Run the report for either 'habitats' (biotopes) or 'species'. The option to select relevant designations is provided to refine the results further. Select or deselect pressures, sensitivities and/or designations as required and re-run the report.


  1. the results of the report can be exported in different formats on request;
  2. only 16 species reviews are revised using the MarESA approach to date; and 3) Mobile users should note this tool works best landscape.

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Sensitivity rank (Select all of interest)

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